Here Are Just Some Of The Components You Get In Your Business In A Box System

What do you get when you invest in the importing business in a box? The answer is, a lot, as I mention in my video and book (register above or below to access). Advisors have told me to turn this lucrative business opportunity into a franchise – but I hate franchises. I explain why in the video and book. You can register above or below to access it.

For now below is a brief overview of the big chunks of the Gazebo and Bali hut Business in a Box program. In essence it’s a 26 part system that gives you everything you need to be up running and working in your own business.

Part 1- Introduction to the Importing Business manual

We go through the big picture. Here I show you what I have done in the past and start to lay out the blueprint you can follow to be successful. I give you exact examples for you to simply follow in your business, it’s like a road map for you to go along to ensure your success.

Part 2 – Administration, Accounts and Banking manual

No matter if you are a seasoned business owner or if you are leaving your job for a better, more rewarding life, you need to know how to set up your admin properly and how to make sure money is flowing to you. I go though in great detail leaving no stone unturned. You will have a very detailed systemised approach to setting up your business and ensuring it is successful. I also give you some handy tools to use to forecast your future. More is explained in the video,

Part 3 – Business model manual

Truth be told, there are multiple ways to run this business. I explain more in the video, but whether you choose to run your business from home or a small warehouse, you do need to know how to hire staff, how to fire staff, what type of location you should get. By the time we have gone through this you will know for sure the right business model for you and, more importantly, you will see why one business model stands out above others.

Part 4 – How to source products quickly safely and easily manual

I have to be honest with you, I made a lot of mistakes when I first started, things like thinking a certain product would work but it didn’t. I go into great detail here and show you exactly how to avoid all the mistakes I made. This section of my program is worth your entire investment alone – by the end of this you will know who to get your products from and how to make sure things add up properly before you get started. Plus I give you 36 products that are hot to choose from this makes it super easy for you.

Part 5 – Marketing Strategies

Marketing is generally the missing piece from most businesses. I cover this off with 106 strategies you can use ranging from FREE to low cost. These strategies are proven, if you don’t believe me, check my credentials in the video. Although you may not use all 106 strategies, I want to make sure you have more than enough ammo to be a huge success with plenty of customers inquiring about your services. After going through this part of your training you will understand in full powerful marketing strategies to make sure you have a consistent, reliable flow of customers coming to your business.

Part 6 – International shipping, handling and storage

There are many ways to bring goods in from overseas, and to be frank, knowing the right way can be the difference between success and failure. I show you each method, explain the pros and cons plus I give you an exact blueprint on how to get the goods in easily and safely. By the end of this part of the program you will be 100% confident knowing how to get goods cost effectively and safely from anywhere in the world. Remember I have importuned millions of dollars’ worth of product myself, not a few hundred thousand dollars’ worth…. millions and millions of dollars’ worth of products. I put you in direct contact with all people I have been using for years.

Part 7 – Online marketing manual

A lucrative and major part of this business, not only do I cover off how to set up the right website and how to make sure you have a flow of leads but I also cover off on the right way to get your ideal market matched to your product so you maximize your marketing dollars. Plus as part of hand over of your system I actually show you exactly where to advertise you product so you get enquires contacting you. All specifically customized to you and your exact situation and remember as part of the package we actual write and build out your entire marketing systems for you and yes this includes a website.

Part 8 – Offline marketing manual

Offline marketing is a hidden secret of anyone truly successful. In this manual I show you exactly what parts you need and also show you exactly how to develop them and how to make your whole system evergreen, plus I show you how to capture your customers’ attention and how to increase your enquiry rate by 10 times. Plus when we build out your system for you we create all the pieces for you so I show you how to fish then give you the tools that way you do not have to second guess yourself.

Part 9 – How to follow up for more sales manual

Following up after the enquiry is vital. In this manual I show you without any doubt why you must follow up, how to follow up including the exact components of follow up and also how it can be 85% automated, yes 85% automated! By the time you are done with this manual you will totally and completely understand how and why you must follow up and how it will increase your sales dramatically. Plus we build it out the automated system for you so you know how it works and we do it for you turnkey, up running and working.

Part 10 – hot products manual

Wondering what product to bring in? I show you actual products. I have been overseas and sourced, worked out market for and have proof beyond all doubt they are profitable. You, of course, can select your own products and use my proven step by step system to ensure they are profitable, or just plug and play with one of these products. You have full contact details and catalogs so you can hit the ground running (plus another 36 products and climbing within my system).

Part 11 – how to get high end customers manual

If you check my story and google my name, you will soon see that I have become quite well known for my ability to generate leads and turn the leads into sales and into money. I started doing this over 15 years ago and have not stopped studying, testing and figuring out what works. Over these years I have spent millions of dollars on advertising; some things failed others where big winners. When you upgrade to package B you also get all a complete marketing system created for you.

Part 12 – Turnkey Sales System

I have had a team of sales guys working for me for years and to get them to be effective I had to create a reliable, predictable way of getting them to handle enquiries and convert them into sales. You are tapping into my exact system, I give you exact process maps, templates and blueprints and make sure you know how to get the jobs and how to make sure you get them at the right price so you make maximum $. Watch the online video for more details. These processes have made me millions and million in sales I hand them to you ready to follow step by step.

Part 13 – DVDs

Plus, over and above this, I give you a set of DVDs that explain all the manuals, so it goes though the manuals with you.

Part 14 – CDs

I also give you a set of CDs that explain all the manuals, so I go through them with you as well.

Part 15 – Licensed Marketing System

Now let’s look at the Licensed Marketing System. This is really the fuel to the 747. It’s still your own business, but here’s what you get as extra.

So let’s look at the actual marketing system.

It’s a complete marketing system. The fuel to run the 747. It’s still your own business. So you own this, it is actually an asset.

Bear in mind this is an asset. The whole system is an asset but here’s what you get as extra.

  • Logo: completely done for you. We’ll design it. We work out a name together. We do your logo for you until you’re happy. My guys do it.
  • Lead Generation: we do actual lead generation postcards and adverts written for you. I obviously show you how to use them and I also actually get them done for you. All the graphic design, everything is done for you. Plus when I hand system over to you I gave you between 20 and 30 exact advertising methods to your exact situation.
  • Website: The website is completely built and done for you, totally working. We even write the website for you. You don’t have to do anything except answer a few questions, we know what we’re doing.

It’s your own business, your brand. It’s your asset.

Arguably it could be worth hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to you one day. All you have to do is go through the process with us.

Part 17 – Automated Follow Up Sales System

With the automatic follow up sales systems, you get:

  • Follow Up Letters. Three follow up letters that are printed and sent. These are the follow up letters that are posted out to people that enquire about your stuff. You need that.
  • Email Follow Up Sequence x 12. We write all this for you. When someone enquires, emails are automatically sent out to them, so they get the emails and come back to you and enquire. It gives them information about your business. We write all those for you.
  • Free Report / Product Guide. We do a product guide or a free report for you. That is all sent directly to your customer on the email, plus you can post it. We show you exactly what to do. You get email reminders when you have to do things.
  • Lead Generation Postcards. You get postcards to get people interested. These postcards can also be letters. I’ll show you how to go more advanced and tum it into something better.
  • Monthly Newsletter x 12. We do monthly newsletters for you. The newsletters are done. So you’ve got one for each month. You just print them and post them and you can also email them to people. You get a reminder email and a list of your people when it’s done. We manage the database for you as well.
  • Monthly postcards x 12. Just to remind people you’re there. We do a monthly postcard for you, get it up and sorted. It’s a whole lot of stuff. This has taken me years and years and years to develop this system. You can get access for a minute fraction of the cost, of what I actually invested in it.
  • Monthly e-Newsletter x 12. You get a monthly e-newsletter which is basically sent to the customers on email automatically on your behalf.

You get a complete turnkey system set up and running. It’s written for you.

You do nothing except really answer a questionnaire. That’s really it.

There is more stuff, I’m always adding to it, doing slight tweaks.

The idea is to make a system that works for you.

This is the part that does 85% automation for you and allows you to have free time and do things yourself.

It is the autopilot to the 747. You’ve got the 747; the marketing is the fuel, now this is the autopilot that will keep it flying for you.

Part 18 – Licensed Sales System:

Let’s look at the Licensed Sales System now. This is where the rubber really hits the road.

  • In the Licensed Sales System, I take you through the exact processes that I used to actually train up the guys working for me to deal with endless enquires each month.
  • Remember, you only really have to sell s mall number of transactions per month to reach your goals, to be making nearly $100,000 or more a year in profit. So, these processes are highly valuable for you. As they give you back your time.
  • It goes hand in hand with the Marketing System, you get pricing spreadsheets where it breaks down each price as well.
  • It also includes scripts and breaks down exactly how to price jobs, exactly how to get the most income.
  • It’s literally the autopilot for the 747.
  • I have to be completely honest with you, what I’m describing here and what I’m telling you about is really only a fraction of the system. The system is so much more, and I always like to under promise and over-deliver. You will see.

Part 19 – Full 12 Months of Coaching and Support

Once you get up and running, after three months through to the 12 months, you will still have a lot of questions and we’re there to answer them.

It’s not just me, you’re not totally reliant on me. It’s me and my team.

As you can imagine, if a question’s been asked, then the answer is all within the system but sometimes you just can’t find it.

Sometimes, maybe one of the guys, they know the answers, they’ll contact you directly back and give you the answer that you need.

Part 20 – Strategy Call

First up is a strategy call. Once you’ve gone through the manuals, DVDs and CDs and you’ve got your understanding about everything, we have a strategy call.

Sometimes just a slight tweak will steer you in the right direction. My goal Is to make sure everything adds up right in the beginning.

Part 21 – One-on-One Support

Over time you get one-on-one support from myself and my team, so if you need us we are there.

It used to be a call a month, but I find it’s better to have a system.

The system is so in-depth, you may not have a lot of questions. But I know that, when the time comes and you do have a question, that question’s really important to you. you also get your question answered quickly by my team.

Part 22 – Technical Support

You also get technical support from my team.

My team’s in the background so if you have something wrong with the Marketing System, for example, then all you have to do is ask.

Part 23 – Closed Door 3 days Training

You also get invited to closed door training, only for you to show you exactly how to run the business and get as many customers as you would ever want.

Part 24 – Unique Business Academy

When you go into the Unique Business Academy, it takes you through a whole heap of different things. There’s five fundamental pillars:

  • More Leads
  • More Conversions
  • More Transactions
  • Higher Prices
  • More Profit

This is literally fuel to your fire. It does sell separately for about $12,000, but in all honestly I don’t sell it to anyone these days, it’s only included as part of the Business in a Box now, because it is so, so powerful. When added to the business in a box system.

The Unique Business Academy cost me seven figures to create alongside someone else that had been helping people, just like myself; but he’s been doing it about 20 years.

It’s an expansive resource that is there to take you as far as you possibly can go.

Part 25 – Weekly Group Coaching

There’s weekly group coaching and there’s weekly lessons.

It’s 20 times more than you get with any franchises, and a thousand times more than you ever get from an existing business, because they just don’t give you any of it why ? they just don’t have it.

Part 26 – Members’ Area

You’ll also get access to Illuminati Coaching System Members’ Area.
The weekly group coaching and weekly lessons are part of the Unique Business Academy, just so you’re clear on that.

The weekly lessons will come to you via email. If you miss a weekly coaching session, it’s recorded and you can come back and check it.

In the members’ area, there’s always stuff we’re updating. Someone might have a question that might not have come up before, we update it and put in there. You can download all your electronic documents, as well. There’s a whole heap of stuff put it in there.

Plus, with my team behind me, I’m able to make sure that your questions are answered within 24 hours. If you’ve got a question, we give you a special phone number and special email to send it through to, and we’ll always make sure you get your answer within 24 hours. It’s the ultimate support system.

There is much much, much more to the importing business in a box to find out more you need to register to watch video or read book.

With no ongoing fees and a once-off investment starting from $29,900 + GST (finance options are available), You can see what this is a no brainer, remember it is by application only.

The end result you have your very own business up running and working allowing you to spend a big chuck of your time at home and giving you multiple income streams, so what do you do next?

Register above or below to day to watch video and or read book explaining all about the Importing Business in a Box.