Here’s Some Common Questions You Will Most Likely Have And The Answers To Them


Q1: Will this work?


Yes, it is a real business but you are the variable; do nothing and you'll get nothing, do a bit and get a bit, do a lot and get a lot. It’s really that simple… if you’re willing to put effort in you should apply; if you are lazy and don’t want to work please do not apply.


Q2: Matt, what products can I import?


Look. To be honest, there's thousands and thousands and thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of products. The questions is not what products do you import. It's what product niche. They range from everything from home improvement to hardware items, to electronics, to outdoor furniture, to indoor furniture, to home decorations, to anything else that you can possibly imagine in between. The car parts, machinery, all different types of things. You need to be clear we take you through a process to make sure that you pick the right product niche for you and your exact situation, and your actual income goals. That is why our system is reassuringly expensive, and that is why there is no part left out of our system. We don't leave you to your own devices. We show you exactly how to fish and then also fish for you. Remember we're training you, and we support you for 12 months and build a full system.


Q3: What product do I choose?


This seems hard; it is in fact easy. One of the main reasons I do this is I see opportunities everywhere. We help you to ensure the product is right for you both personally and financially, plus we have 36 product niches within the system that I have picked as they pass certain tests to perform over time.


Q4: How do I get customers?


Getting customers is surprisingly easy once you understand the exact process of how it happens. This is all covered off in the manuals, DVDs and CDs, and the face-to-face training. Plus over and above that, we set you up a complete system including writing all the adverts for you and showing you exactly where to advertise. We even give you an exact checklist so you know exactly how long each type of advertising takes to implement, we absolutely guarantee it, provided you implement your end, you will get enquiries coming through and your business will start to take off and go in the direction you want it to go.

Is this purely online like eBay or Amazon? First thing is you need to understand that the mathematical equation to actually make a reasonable income such as $100,000 or more per year, as in profit. If you're dealing on eBay Amazon for example, and you're selling an item that's $100 and you make $15 every time you sell that item, that's a huge amount of items that you need to sell to make a $100,000 a year. Okay, yes, eBay and Amazon do have customers coming through and yes, they do buy. But at extremely low margins and the customers you're dealing with are the bottom of the market. This is a little hidden thing that not many people know unless they've been there and done that. I regularly have people ringing me up that have eBay businesses trying to get out of them and trying to find a better way. Because they're working so hard for such little money and unable to get ahead where they want to go. And they need to understand and they need the processes so they know how to get unlimited customers without dealing with eBay, and without dealing with small transaction products. The two hour video explains more. You can register above or below to view it.


Q5: Matt, do you still own your other businesses?


No. As per the video, you'll see that I sold Tropical Lifestyle in mid-2014. Since then, I've been 100% focused on the Business in a Box system, helping people get into their own business as an alternative to franchises. I have a team of 9 behind me making things happen in the back end. As you can imagine, it's a complex process. There's more information in the video and the book, once you're registered, above or below. I do, of course, still import as part of my businesses; more information is also in the video on what I do and what I import.


Q6: My friend/ partner said this sounds too good to be true, but they refuse to watch your two hour video. What do I do?


Well, first of all, feel okay in the fact that this is not the first time I've heard this. Second of all, I'll have a close look at your actual friend. Chances are they don't own a business and have zero business experience so that says something within itself. Third of all, if they refuse to watch a two hour video, ultimately they are a person on the sidelines watching what's going on. They don't really know any of the processes or anything else in regards to the business. They just make their actual comments based on their own opinion.

You need to understand, when you become successful, and have freedom, you don't have people standing out there telling you, "Go as hard as you can, make as much money as you can. It's always people's attitude to say that something can't be done rather than get on and do it. The old story is I only ever take advice from people that have actually been there and done that. Now as harsh as it might sound, this includes in a lot of cases, your partner. As many quite often say, your partner may be sceptical, not willing to watch the video and stopping you from going forward due to their own fears. Every person is different and ultimately if you want to be successful in life, you have to take steps forward to make that happen. And I will be honest with you if your friend or partner is willing to watch the 2 hour video showing you how you can make a solid income from home and then has questions, I will happily meet with you both face to face.


Q7: Matt, what is the end result for me?


Treat me like an architect. An architect has a team of people working for them. You come to an architect, say, "This is what I want my house to look like," and they'll design the house for you. Then it's up to you to go get it built. No different with the Business in a Box system. You come to me and say, "I want a business". I'll design and build the business out for you. It's just a matter of you actually using it. Just like when you build a house, you actually have to use the drawings and build the house. If you do nothing with the drawings, then nothing happens. If you do nothing with the system that we build out for you and the knowledge, nothing happens. In saying that, a lot of people have had very, very great results, ranging from making an extra $100,000 a year part-time ... to much, much higher


Q8: Matt, I see you have trained a few people. Surely, all the opportunities must be gone now?


No. Not at all. The thing about this, there's 1.2 billion people in China. There's over 1 billion people in India. There's also 300 million people in the USA. 120 odd million people in the UK. Australia is somewhere around 27 million. At the end of the day, there's so many opportunities out there that you'll never ever, ever, ever run out... You, your family and every person you know ten fold then times another hundred fold, would never exhaust every opportunity out there in ten lifetimes. Once you understand the process to get up and get going, it changes to which opportunity will I choose because there's so many. That is a massive mindset shift that happens to all my customers as they come through the system. And please, go ahead and watch the video by registering above or below. It explains more about it.


Q9: Matt, I understand that you have support. How does the support work?


In essence, if you look at the video and/or read my book, you'll see that I give you one-on-one support. Over and above that, I've implemented more and more systems so the business does not revolve around me. Everyone in my team, at a minimum, has worked for me for at least five years each.

Now, you need to understand that when you have a question, you'll get an answer within 24 hours. That said, if you submit the question, for example, on a Friday, you'll have the answer, if not by the end of the day, at the very least by lunchtime Monday. Our goal is never to be holding up your progress and always pushing you forward. All you have to do is take the systems we give you, take the step-by-step process, and use it. Once again, more information can be found by registering above or below and going through the book that explains everything in full to you.


Q10: Matt your business in a box costs a bit, why?


Well many people think it's cheap, but some people think it's expensive. We have to charge the price we charge, why? Because we need to be able to offer you the proper support to take you through the process to get you up and running in your own business.  We train you, support you for a full 12 months and build you a full turn key marketing system plus show you exactly how to get customers and so much more, not to mention I have a bunch of staff in the background making it all happen.


Q11: Will this work for me?


The real question is will you work the system; even if you have had no business experience and no importing experience, if you are willing to talk to people and organise things you can make this work for you.


Q12: Matt, do people ever fail?


Look, of course not everyone is successful. Anyone that says they have a 100% success rate is lying. The only true result comes from you putting in consistent effort over time, so you have to back yourself. You follow the processes we give you and you ask questions when the questions need to be answered. If you throw in the towel and give up, well of course you won't succeed. But if you succeed in other things in your life, you'll be fine. And even if you have failed in the past, don't blame yourself. Generally, it comes down to a lack of support and a lack of direction. And if you look closely at what you may have tried in the past, be it businesses or other things, you probably have failed for that reason; because you just didn't have the right answers nor did you have the right systems. You've got to remember as part of the Importing Business in a Box, we give you access to our Unique Business Academy, which basically shows you step by step how to build out a million dollar business over 12 months. Plus we train you face to face, and we show you around China, plus we support you for a full 12 months.


Q13: Matt, how do you do it all?


Simple: I have 9 people working for me, and while I deliver all the training and coaching, I still have a few of my key people that have worked with me for over 5 years each. If I am busy in a meeting or with other clients, once you invest in the Importing Business in a Box you have a special number and email address to use that gives you access to my entire team who have the answers you need; and if they don’t, I do, so in other words you are never alone.


Q14: Can I meet you face to face?


Yes, of course we can meet face to face.. First, you need to watch the two hour video that you can register above or below, and or read the book. Second, you then go through and see if you're interested. Third, if you're interested, you then go ahead and apply. Fourth, if you do apply, we'll have a chat on the phone. If that sounds like a good fit for both of us, we'll then discuss meeting up face to face. In most cases, people will pay their $500 refundable deposit, so they've got a copy of the invoice and are very, very clear on everything. And we've already had a phone conversation going over any questions. Then you're welcome to come up to the Gold Coast and in many cases, we'll meet face to face go through any further questions that you have.


Q15: I think it is too expensive?


Well I would ask, ‘Compared to what?’ The fact is a franchise’s true cost is a minimum of $100,000+, and once you add in fees and chunks of your profits forever it gets much higher than that. The Importing Business in a Box is a real business so when you compare it to what the upside is, it’s a total bargain! In fact, quite often I get people telling me it’s too cheap, and to be honest in the future I will push the price up but for now I am happy with where it is (for more information please register to watch the video in full).


Q16: How many hours per day do I need to put into my business?


Well, that depends on you and what end result you want to have. In the first 45 to 90 days, while we go through the process of getting your business up and running, everything built out, an hour to an hour and a half per day, 5 days a week is roughly right. It's more the consistency over time rather than some giant big hit for 8 hours or 10 hours here and there. Then once you're up and running, it's really up to you. My day, personally, in my own importing business consists of around an hour per day. But you have to understand, I've actually taken the time to set it all up properly using exact systems and processes I give you as part of the package. So at the start, it could be a little bit more than that. It could be three to four hours a day, but we always recommend that you get started part-time. Once you get some momentum, then worry about exiting from your job. This gives you a much higher level of comfort and you'll see everything happening before your very eyes. And then, you can get going.


Q17: Matt, do you do free seminars?


To be honest I really don’t feel the need to go and spruik myself around from town to town. While I could do that, I feel it is a cheap experience to get railroaded into a room for a free seminar. What I do for you however, is give you access to videos and books you can download, and I also post you out an information package. Once you consume that, i.e. read the book or watch the video (either online or on DVD) then and only then if you are interested you can apply to have a chat on the phone. Then I go over your questions individually in private, see if we are a good fit for each other; if we are then we take the next steps forward.


Q18: Matt, do you still import?


Yes, of course I still import. Currently, at this exact point in time, I currently bring in more than USD$1,000,000 per year, using the exact same system that I teach you how to use, within a couple of product niches. Now, this is by no means normal, but you can definitely build yourself up to that if you're willing to put in the effort in over time. Obviously, don't expect it in your first year but a $100,000 profit is definitely achievable in your first year, provided you put the consistent effort over time and don't give up.


Q19: This sounds too good to be true; how is it possible and/or my partner says it must be dodgy?


Ok fair call; I understand but you need to be clear on this: this is my main business. While I do import and run the exact same business model that I show you myself, the fact is some people around you might say that it’s too good to be true. In reality you need to look at it this way: I am a professional service provider just like a lawyer, like a doctor or surgeon, like an accountant, an architect or engineer. Each one of those professionals has to go to university, study and then come and provide a service. They charge a fee for their services; fees to cover costs such as electricity, staff, internet, rent etc. exactly the same as I do.


Q20: Matt, what about Amazon? Is that a threat?


No, Amazon is actually an opportunity. You've got to remember Amazon is basically history repeating itself. 18 years ago, eBay came out, then it was Facebook, then it was Gumtree. And then, its other variances around them. Different sites here and there that are apparently going to take over the world. You've got to understand, Amazon has been going nearly 20 years in the USA, and they've only got around about 8% share of actual sales. All the hype makes it sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread. And yes, there are opportunities there, but Amazon should not be your business. They're an advertising platform for your business. And one of the things you can do is actually advertise on Amazon, but you don't need to worry about treating them as your whole business. And I will show you exact ways to deal with Amazon. It is all part of the training.


Q21: How much more money do I need?


I show you exactly how to operate within the Importing Business without putting extra funds in, but I do recommend you have $10,000 extra available to use towards marketing, and depending on the costs, you may like to bring one sample in so you understand the product fully.


Q22: Matt, it seems impossible for someone to be able to give you money for a product before they have bought it. People around tell me it's not true?


Look, at the end of the day, it's a normal process to running a business. Once you understand the process, the actual product is irrelevant. For example, if you want a kitchen for your new home, you look around for some people that can do your kitchen. You talk to a couple people, then the person that can do the kitchen may come out with a design or something like that for you. Then you'd agree on a price. Once you're actually happy with the price, the next thing that would happen after that is the kitchen person would generally ask for a 50% payment. Once they have the 50% payment, the kitchen person would then go away, make the kitchen and say they'll be back in six to eight weeks. When they actually came back in six to eight weeks, what would happen is the kitchen person would come through and then ask for the final payment. Then they'd come and install the kitchen. This is the normal process for businesses.

Some businesses don't operate like this purely because they're naïve and don't understand how it can be done. However, I show you exactly how to get up and going in your business without putting any money down for stock up front. However, be aware, being in a real business, there's different levels of income you can make and sometimes you may decide to hold a small amount of items in stock. But this is always after you are getting enquiries and making sales, not before. You've got to understand this is a real, proper business where you deal with real people on a daily basis. It's not some magic pie in the sky thing where you can sit at home and somehow money magically appears on your computer by people clicking buttons. I wish people would click buttons and money would fly into my account while I did nothing but truth is that’s not true.

If you have further interest for more information, please go ahead and watch the two hour video by registering above or below.


Q23: Can I do this part time without quitting my job?


Yes, in fact your main reason is, as I mentioned earlier, it takes time to build everything out and get you up and running; once this business takes over, then leave your job.


Q24: This must be a scam?


This one makes me laugh. Truth is if you think this is a scam then please don’t apply. Bottom line is myself and my team work very hard to make you successful; ultimately I am like an accountant or a lawyer- I charge for all my experience and charge for my team to build out a system and offer you support; it’s a complex business I run but I have perfected my system over the years.


Q25: Matt, why are you selling all this information and helping people rather than just doing it yourself?


The answer is simple; first of all I can help more people by selling the information on how to import and successfully run a real business, and I get a kick out of starting up businesses and seeing them thrive. As I said earlier, I intentionally set out to build an importing and retail business to prove it can be done, iron out all the bugs, then help others do the same.


Q26: Matt, by letting all your I.P. and secrets out won’t you flood the market and no one will make any money?


First of all – just because you CAN pay me does not mean I will sell the information to you and train you to run your own successful business; we will be working together for a full 12 months so I need to be sure we can get along, not only that, I have not got time to be dealing with a heap of people therefore I will be simply selling on a first in-best dressed basis and only intend to sell a handful of these packages.


Q27: Matt, are there any ongoing costs involved?


From me, no. $29,900 is all you pay upfront, then after that if you want the marketing done for you so you have leads coming to you right away I can offer that to you; it is, however, totally optional. Enter your details to watch the video, it explains much more.


Q28: Matt, $29,900 seems like a lot of money for this?


Well to be honest I am surprised you think that. For example, look at your options: you could buy a lawn mowing franchise for $25,000, always be paying fees and mow lawns forever, or you could buy this and never pay fees and be working away making 10 times the amount you could from lawn mowing. Register your details in the form above or below and watch the online video that explains how much money you can make out of this Business in a Box.


Q29: Matt, I don’t have the money, do you offer a payment plan?


Look, I understand that not everyone has the money up front and I feel for you. I remember when I first started out, I had a mortgage, a wife and plenty of bills to pay, but realistically $30,000 is not hard to get with a personal loan (that’s how I started). Plus if you can’t raise money I am a little concerned whether you will be in the right mindset to run this business properly; perhaps wait a little while and save some money and you will be in a better frame of mind to make this work for you. Or alternatively you may wish to apply for finance; full details are shown in the video after you enter your details to watch.


Q30: Matt, what training do I get and do I have to visit you?


The mentoring program is set up so it can be done from anywhere in Australia; you have a full step by step guide on what you need to do plus a full 12 months ongoing support from me. Remember, I have been there and done it, plus if you look at my bio you can see that I have been in business for years. You do, of course, get a very very intensive 3 days of training as well to really set you on the right path in your new business.


Q31: Matt, do I need to be qualified to do this work?


No. Great news is anyone can run an importing business; all they need to do is be organised and happy to talk to customers. You can run your business online only but you really are leaving huge sums of money behind by not talking to customers. I show you exactly how to do this to maximise your profits and you will be surprised at just how easy it is to do.


Q32: Matt, how much money can I make out of this?


Good question. And one that needs more detail than a few lines of text; I have created an online video that explains in detail how much money you can make and much more- go ahead and enter your details in the form above or below for access to it.


Q33: Matt, is this a franchise?


No, this is not a franchise. However, we do support you for a full 12 months; you are totally free to do your own thing, operate under your own name and not pay any ongoing fees; it is 100% your business.


Q34: Matt, I have more questions, how do I get them answered?


I understand there are more questions you most likely have, I suggest you enter your details into the form above and then watch the online video which will answer many of your questions. Then if you have more questions and/or want to take the next step, the online video will explain exactly what to do.


Q35: What if I can't choose a product to import?


Look, the bottom line is as long as you make a decision, you'll always be fine. Sure, there's a few tweaks as you go along because you're running a real proper business, but the whole thing is we get you up running and going, and you do not have to invest in any products. You may well invest in products later, but at the start you certainly don't need to except for a possible sample. Now it's really important to understand that even if you can't choose a product, we have a very, very refined process that we take you through. And we can offer you suggestions from our product niches.

Below are some examples of what you could get from other professionals for a similar investment:

A lawyer could represent you in a divorce; he would be, of course, backed up by a team of experts (just like me), you spend upwards of $20,000 well, into much larger figures over $100,000 in fact – the end result is the case is settled and you move forward in your life free from the drama created with your ex-partner – would you feel silly trying to do all that yourself? Yes of course you would.

A surgeon could give you heart bypass surgery; he too would be, of course, backed up by a team of experts (just like me) and the cost would be over $50,000. The end result is you would be able to be active again and be free in your life instead of stuck in a chair not being able to move. Would you feel silly trying to perform the surgery on yourself? Yes! In fact, you would not even consider it.

An accountant could save you from an ATO tax audit; once again he would be backed up by a team within his office. He does not do it all himself; he has someone entering data, someone answering the phones, someone preparing information for the ATO. This could easily cost you $30,000 or more, depending on how many years the ATO went back to audit you and how well organised your affairs are. The end result is the ATO are satisfied, do not fine you and you save hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary fines. Would you consider doing it yourself? Someone foolish trying to save a few dollars would but anyone smart enough would not even consider it.

An architect might design your new home; the house is going to cost you $500,000 to build plus the land cost of $300,000. The architect would have a draftsman, people who answer the phone, other staff to do his accounts. Your fees to him could top $35,000. The end result is you would have an approved set of drawings and the house designed to your needs. Would you risk doing this yourself? No way!

So what do you get from me?

Well, with the Importing Business in a Box the end result is you get a complete turnkey business, and a complete system to sell your product (before you purchase any items), plus you get guided past all the pitfalls of importing, plus you get support for 12 months, plus I hand you direct contact with people on the ground that can check the quality of your items and much much much more. In fact, when you compare this to a lawyer, surgeon, account or architect – what you get with your Importing Business in a Box is a total bargain.

To find out more please register above or below for the video and information package.