“Discover How To Import From China And Run Your Business With a Complete Turnkey System.”

You can get started with a complete turnkey system with no need to hold stock, have staff or take unnecessary risk. Register above or below to get your free book that explains how.

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Have you been looking for a business that you can work the hours that you like?

Have you been looking to escape your current employment and get more time with your family and friends?

Have you been looking to get into a business opportunity that is low cost, low risk but high reward?

Congratulations you may have just have found it.

The Importing Business in a Box is exactly that.

Why and how does it work?

Well let’s start with why.

Basically the Importing Business in a Box is a complete turnkey system from showing you…

  • How To Find Suppliers
  • How To Deal With The Right Suppliers In China
  • How To Get Customers,
  • How To Deal With Customers One They Enquire
  • How to get products from china without using your own money

Not only that…

we also…

  • Build out a complete automated marketing system
  • Show you exactly how to operate each aspect of your importing business
  • Plus over and above that there’s also ongoing support that goes for 12 months.
  • Face to face training
  • Help and support along the way

How does this work?

Well it’s quite a lot to explain in one short message on a website.

So we highly recommend you enquire above or below, where you can get instant access to a book that shows you how to work from home, or anywhere you like running an importing business and/or you can also watch a complimentary two hour DVD that basically takes you through and shows you how the actual importing business works.

Please understand this business is by application only and it’s reassuringly expensive at $29,900 plus GST.

Treat us like architects, or accountants, or lawyers. We basically go through and set you up, get you up and going and offer a professional service to get you started in your own importing business.

I currently import and have been importing for the past 15 years and I use myself and my team to get you up and going in your importing business. For further information please enquire above or below, where we’ll happily give you instant access to a book and/or video and/or we can also post out a complimentary information package that also explains about the business.

Thanks so much.

Talk to you soon.
Matt Buchel.