“Discover How You Can Work From Home With A Laptop, Phone And The Internet And Earn The Income You Desire With Your Own Importing Business”

You can get started with a complete turnkey system with no need to hold stock, have staff or take unnecessary risk. Perfect for people new to business and also existing business owners. Register above or below to get your free book that explains how.

Have you been looking to escape working for someone else ?

Have you been trying to get away from making someone else wealthy but just don’t know how to escape?

Do you want to work from home but have no idea where to start or what to do?

Have you always felt you can do more but just never had a plan and support?

Maybe you have been searching for a long time for a business but discovered along the way that franchises are full of fees and huge risk and existing businesses are too expensive for what you get. Yes?

If you answered yes to any of the above congratulations you are in the right place… chances are this is exactly what you have been looking for. read on to find otu more

Let me tell you a story.

Back in 2001 I was working for a Boss the pay was good I was making $120,000 per year way back then, only problem was I knew that …

  1. I was very limited to make any more money
  2. I was newly married to my first wife (I will tell you more about what happened , when you read my book or watch video by registering above or below)
  3. I my hours where very long I was up at 5 am at work by 6pm and home exausted and in bed by 7pm – not much of a life sometimes this went on 6 days a week some times 7

Sure I had a house, a ok car, to some people I would of seemed successful but I knew I could do better, I knew there was more out there

So I started to search high an low and qucikly found out as I said befroe franchises are full of risk , existing businesses where way over priced ( maybe you have found the same thing ?)

I started to educate my self by investing in systems…(this is one of the keys to success, investing and learning from other mistakes).

I took a risk, maxed out the mortgage on my house, got a personal loan and a loan on a vechile (this is another key to success, taking risks)

Then my first business was born , I did ok but made many mistakes, Lots of mistakes infact but still fast forward 3.5 years and I sold this business for 7 figures, I then moved from Sydney to Sunny Queensland, started another buisness, then another.

Over the past 12 years, All my businesses have had multi million dollar turn over, today I am on my 6th business with multi million dollar turnover.

So what does all this mean for you?

Well its simple it took me 12 years and millions in sales and advertising to figure out the good, bad and ugly of business…

The importing business in a box is all the good in one complete turn key package, I have made the mistakes so you dont have too.

So what is it?

Well…. As you have probably heard, there’s no doubt about the huge opportunity in importing and reselling products from China ( and other parts of the world)

Day to day consumers and business owners are in constant search for products for their home and business.

This creates a huge opportunity for someone who is willing to work a little and make plenty of money along the way.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. You are not sure what to import. – we take you through a very defined step by step system to make sure your product is a winner before you start.
  2. You are scared of getting ripped off – we show you exactly how to prevent this happening, infact we even introduce to the right people to do each part of process for you this removes almost all the risk.
  3. You don’t know how to sell the product. – this is a easy one to solve we show you how plus buid a system for you to do it one key is a high price point (this is also another secret of success, selling at a high price point not cheap stuff on ebay and amazon) Within the system I show you how to use these two platforms for maximum profit with out having to deal with the low end price point.
  4. You don’t know how to get good quality products from China – we show you in detail how to fix this and we are with yoru every step of the way.
  5. You dont know how to get customers – as part of our system we show you exactly how to get customers via advertising infact we create the ads for you and show you over 30 different ways to advertise so you have customers coming and enquiring with you, yes thats right contacting you. No need to cold call or chase
  6. You think the market is flooded – this is small minded thinking (another secret of success is thinking big) there is a billion people in china, 350 million in the usa, 150 million in the uk and many many more people in the rest of the world compared to only 26 million in australia in other words there is huge oppertunity ( provided you follow a system)
  7. You think you need to outlay huge money for stock – there is two rules that apply to this my system theses rules i learnt the hard way but show you how to implement in yoru business the easy way Rule # 1 – everything must be able to be done with a laptop phone and the internet – this means you can work from home or any where you like …Rule #2 – you never buy any thing before you sell it.
  8. You think you need to quit your job automatically putting your finances and family at risk – nothing could be further from the truth we are careful to take you through the process so you are up running and going with enquires coming in before you quit your job (another secret of success is cashflow)
  9. You just over complicate things and try and get everything perfect before you ever start – one of the things we work on with you is process, one thing leads to the next which leads to the next and so on so everything is logical and built on a solid foundation rather than guess work.

Everything can change for you now…(another secret of success is seeing a opportunity and doing something about it rather than sitting on the side lines and expecting your situation to change with out you changing)

My name is Matt Buchel and previously among other things, as i mentioned earlier I have founded and operated multiple business including a large importing and retailing business, a business that took me lots of time and money to set up and perfect. I am going to pass more of my secrets and more importantly my systems and a complete turnkey marketing system, plus 12 month of ongoing support to a hand-selected few, but more on that in a moment.

You see, even though I have set up and perfected an importing and retailing business, I quickly found I could not cover the huge demand in the marketplace as is said earlier there is sooo many people in the world and so much opportunity.Truth is Every time I go to Overseas I see new and wonderful opportunities I could take on, but I do not have the time to deal with them. Nor do I want to go back to the days of having 60 staff again, I now have a staff of 11 now to deliver this system to you , for me that’s enough, Infact I show you how to get set up so you don’t need any staff and how you can take almost no risk, as we take you through the process to get set up and get going in your very own wqork from home business.

Truth is I have put all my hard work and years of experience into an easy-to-follow step by step paint by numbers system so you can start your very own work from home importing business no matter where you are.

Please note I am selectively allowing only certain people to have access to my system. This is done via application however before application you need to either read my book or register to watch my video that explains all about the importing business in a box and exactly what you get – after you do if you are intersted in the back of the book and at the end of the video I show you how to apply we then can talk together on the phone to see if it is the right fit for both of us.My main goal is to see I can help you…

Here’s just some of what’s included:

Part 1 – The foundation for your business.

  • Introduction to the importing business.
  • How to be sure you pick the right product.
  • How to select the right suppliers.
  • How to set up you administration and accounting.
  • 3 surefire ways to be sure you pick the right market.
  • How to set up your banking.
  • How to set up your accounts.
  • How to take credit cards payments.
  • How to add everything up to make sure it is profitable before you start.
  • And much, much more…

Part 2 – The driving force behind your business

    • Marketing strategies.
    • Exact step by step process to get customers coming directly to you
    • How to use the phone to increase your sales.
    • How to buy stock without using your own money.
    • What methods to use to take your product to the market.
    • How to get customers to keep on ordering after their first order.
    • 12 methods to fast sales of your products that are not online.
    • A complete custom blueprint laid out for you with exactly where to advertise for your business.
    • A full automated system that does 85% of the follow up for you.
    • And much, much more…

BIG tip only 6.40% of all sales are done online. I work with you to make sure you have multiple sales channels and a solid business.

Part 3 – The leverage and auto pilot of your business.

  • How to get cost effective, flexible warehousing for your product.
  • How to get your product landed, stored and then shipped to customers when sold without ever touching or seeing your product – yes this is possible if you know how.
  • How to ensure your goods are good quality before you pay for them.
  • How to safely transfer money and not get ripped off
  • How to make sure that your goods will get into Australia before you spend any money.
  • How to work out your landed costs and use price elasticity to get maximum sale price for you goods in Australia.
  • The Canton Fair and other trade shows in China, which ones you should attend and how to deal with suppliers there – I give you a preview of this when you register above or below.
  • I also put you indirect contact with suppliers I use to help you on the ground in China plus to allow you to move anything from anywhere in the world.
  • And much, much more…

When you register to watch the online video I give you a much more detailed breakdown of everything that is in the Importing Cashflow Business in a Box.

Part 4 – The gold nugget one on one personal help to ensure your success.

As part of this package I coach you the whole way through. I help you overcome all the obstacles I came across when I set up my businesses. I use all my successes and all my mistakes to ensure you bypass them and become successful faster.

I am with you every step of the way for a full either 90 days or 12 months – depending on which package you choose. All you need to do is write down your questions and I will answer them for you.

Plus you can email me and I will answer your questions as quick as I can. Plus if i am not around or busy for some reason i have a team on 11 people in background that will get you the answer quickly. We answer 99% of questions within 24 hours you are never alone.

Business for Sale

Part 5 – 3 Day training on the Gold Coast.

To ensure you get off to a flying start we work together in a 3 day training, together you, me and a handful of others go over every detail of this lucrative business. By the time you walk out you will be off to a flying start and have everything you need to start getting customers, bringing in products and making cash – this is a full blown, how-to training; we dig very, very deep into exact methods and processes,

such as:

  1. Suppliers, where to find them and how to get the best price.
  2. When to buy so you ensure you work on a just-in-time business model.
  3. How to set your business up. This business is truly flexible but relying 100% online is a huge mistake. We will work together so you have a sustainable business that feeds you a solid income year after year.
  4. How to get leads to sell your products – I have that covered, I will give you ads you can place in your local papers, show you where to advertise online.
  5. How to create cash flow surges with your products while selling at premium prices – I give you my templates and show you exactly how to do this. Whenever you need an influx of cash, this works.

Part 6 – The unique business academy

So you have every possible resouce needed, over and above the entire automated system we build out for you, all the step by step process we take you through, the support, the help, the automation…. I wanted to make sure so there was no stone unturned I have invested heavily in the unqiue business academy , think of your new business as being the fire and the unique business academy being the fuel, when you put fuel on a fire what happens ?……… It burns longer and better, theat s exactly what happens with the unqie business academy when it is added to the importing business in a box

How ??

  1. Weekly lessons – sent out over 12 months these lessons are designed to take you step by step to a million dollar business – all you need to do is follow the step by step processes
  2. Weekly group coaching – over and above one on one support – there is weekly group coaching with other business owners from all over – ask specifc questions on specific topics and get answers right away

There is sooo much more infact we are always adding to the system to give you the latest infomation

To be honest with you the above only really partly explains the Importing Business in a box. Before revealing the pricing I would have preferred that you fill in the form above or below so I can go though in full detail exactly what you get and how much you can make out of this extremely lucrative business…

However, I will reveal the pricing in the hope you will, after seeing it is very affordable compared to other option such as franchises and existing business, and watch the online video or read my book anyway.

Continuing on. As I mentioned earlier, Over many years I have worked out all the step by step processes to setting up and making profitable any importing business, as i said earlier have been running my own multi-million dollar businesses for over 12 years. In fact, I have done over $60 million dollars in sales in that time. I have done the testing I have made the mistakes so you don’t have too.

In saying that what I am giving you here is simply a license to live life on your own terms. The demand is huge, all you need to do is follow my step by step processes and you will be as successful as you want to be.

Business brokers and other business experts have suggested I price this at $150,000 and call it a franchise, and even then it would be very well priced considering the huge return on investment.

However, I have priced it much, much lower with the base package starting at only $29,900 or $140 per week. This includes one-on-one coaching from me plus any questions answered with 24 hours.

Just stop and think for one moment …

  1. What would it be like if you did not have to travel to work every day
  2. What would it be like if you could spend more time with your family
  3. What would it be like with your own business that you coudl come and go as you like
  4. What would it be like to have Freedom to do what you want when you want how you want?

Would your life change significantly for the better with your own work from home business  … Yes? Well say yes to exploring this further after all you came here for a reason, I can’t be sure if I can help you but I am offering you the opportunity to see if it is right for you and if you think it might be you can apply…we can then see if it is the right fit for you after we have a chat on the phone. – register above or below to take the next step

As I said the Next Step is to fill in the form below and watch the no obligation online video. After watching the video in full, if you feel this is right for you please register for a further chat on the phone to see if we are a good fit for each other. As I said, I am not taking just anyone on in this business, as I simply have limited time and only wish to work with the right people with the right attitude.